FOSSers is a community of students :

  1. to promote Free/Libre/സ്വതന്ത്ര softwares
  2. to promote sharing of knowledge
  3. to promote Openness/Freedom in all aspects
  4. to equip students with technical knowledge
  5. to grow as a community and help each other ❤️
  6. to contribute to society as a whole

What Do We Do ?

  1. We conduct both technical and non-technical workshops for students
  2. Introduce students to various intiatives like Summer of Code, Outreachy etc.
  3. Help Open Source Projects in tasks like documentation, translation etc.
  4. Introduce the public to FOSS Tools. We have artists who use FOSS for their works. Check out the artwork we've made.

Events We Conducted Our Blog

How to join ?

You can join us anytime ! There's no membership fees.

Contact us, Join our mailing list & participate in our events. That's basically it !

Interested in being a FOSSer ?

The door is wide open just for YOU

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